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Questions & Answers

What people have asked us


Q. What could I do with my garden?

A. Anything. There are many options available for gardens of any size, for ideas and inspiration see our Photo Galleries  

Q. What could I do with my tree stump?

A. We have machinery to grind stumps away or alternatively you may wish to consider turning it into a carved feature.


Q. Do I have to be there when you do the work?

A. Our team are self sufficient and follow a work sheet of instructions meaning there is no need for costumer input once access is gained.  

Q. Do you take away the rubbish?

 A. Yes. We hold a waste carriers license and our quotes include removing all debris from site unless otherwise agreed, as you may wish to keep Logs and/or Woodchips.


Q. How do I know if my tree is protected and does it matter?

 A. We contact the Council regarding Tree Preservation Orders before work commences as the consequences of carrying out unauthorized actions can be high.  

Q. Are you qualified?

 A. Yes. See our qualifications

Q. How much is a quote?

A. Free. For big projects it maybe necessary to charge for more detailed plans however this is something we would always agree with you first.  

Q. How do I pay?

 A. We can accept cash or cheque on completion of work or send an invoice. We can also receive payment by bank transfer or paypal though this may incur an additional charge.